Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dining Bond?

Essentially, they are gift certificates that are sold at a price lower than face value (how much lower is decided by each individual restaurant), but redeemable at face value upon dining at the restaurant. The goal is to sell them for the next 30 days to bring needed income to the restaurants and have them redeemable typically 30-60 days after purchase.

Where can I purchase one?

By following the instructions, or by calling the participating restaurant directly. View the map to see all participating restaurants.

Who can participate in the Initiative?

The Dining Bonds Initiative is open to any restaurant/bar/eatery across the globe. We’re here to help every restaurant that needs it. This is a nonpartisan effort.

Is there a fee to participate in the initiative?

No, there is no fee to any restaurant to participate in the initiative.

Can I buy dining bonds on this website?

No, this website is acting solely as an aggregator of all participating restaurants, as a connector between diners and restaurants, and is not selling the bonds directly.

How do I know if a restaurant is participating in the program?

They will appear on the map.

When can I redeem my dining bond?

Dining bonds work like savings bonds. They are purchased now, and redeemed at a future date. Each restaurant will set its own redemption dates, typically 30-60 days after purchase, but check with the individual restaurant for full terms and conditions.

Is there a deadline for purchasing?


Is there an expiration date?

Each restaurant will have their own policies about this. Please check with your individual restaurant for expiration dates and other terms and conditions..

What if a restaurant I want to support is not listed here?

Tell them about our program and ask them to fill out the participation form on supportrestaurants.org.

What happens if I buy a dining bond and that restaurant closes?

Please consider a Dining Bond to be both an investment in the future of a restaurant, as well as a contribution to that restaurant. If, in the event a restaurant can’t reopen, know that your financial support today will still help them through some of their immediate financial challenges.